Medine Property, aligned to its Master Plan, has engaged in the construction of a nursery and pre-primary school of an extent of 800 m² near Cascavelle. L’île Aux Enfants has been earmarked to operate the school. Construction works have kicked off in June 2016 and the school is operating since February 2017.

L’île Aux Enfants exists since September 2012 and currently welcomes 20 infants aged between 3 months and 3 years old, as well as 40 children between 3 and 5 years. The pedagogical approach has been designed by Dr Maria Montessori, based on the principle that a child goes through different periods where it is more or less receptive to learning and that each child learns at its own pace. The environment and playground is hence tailored with adaptive equipment to cater for each child’s development.    

Operating hours

  • From 7.00 – 18.00 (Monday – Friday) all year round, without interruption
  • Extended hours possible:
    • for parents who have an urgent commitment
    • during week-ends, upon reservation for parents who work or wish to relax
    • at night, upon reservation for parents who work late or need baby-sitting service
  • Open for temporary periods of few hours or few days according to parents’ needs.

Facilities and standards:

  • Unique, rewarding and fun activities: cooking, dance, music appreciation, skating, theatre workshop, swimming, field trips to the zoo or the beach.
  • "Zero hassle" packages available (including drinks, small meals, fresh, organic and hygiene products)
  • Online supervision: live cameras accessible to parents from their workplace or home, with private access to their child’s customized daily activities.
  • International standards for hygiene and safety.
  • Qualified staff.
  • Comfortable living and playing area for each child, as well as appropriate supervision to provide attention to every child.


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