Founded in 1911 as a sugar estate, Medine grew along with the economic development of Mauritius through the years, by diversifying its activities into leisure and tourism, agriculture and trade.

Capitalising on the prime geographic location of its 10,000-hectare land bank on the west coast of the island, Medine engaged in an unprecedented property development programme to turn the region into a sustainable and attractive place to live for both Mauritian families and visitors.

The Medine Master Plan was hence launched in 2005 with a scheduled implementation over 25 years, implying the development of planned property projects on the west coast, through Uniciti, its smart city.

Uniciti is designed to combine the key components of a quality city life, which will ensure overall economic, social and environmental sustainability
through achieving a delicate balance between residential, industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, sports and recreational uses.

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