Founded in 1911, Medine started its operations as a sugar estate and accompanied the economic development of Mauritius through the years, by extending its activities to trade, tourism, real estate and other sectors. Medine is now a diversified group and drives four main clusters – Agriculture, Leisure, Property Development and Education.

Leveraging on the prime geographic location of its land assets, Medine has placed property development at the heart of its vision for a sustainable Mauritius.

The company conducted a rethinking of its operations and strategy at the beginning of the 21st century, which resulted in the Medine Master Plan over the period 2005-2025, for the sustainable development of its unique land bank of 10,000 hectares on the west coast.

The Master Plan has gradually evolved over the years and is today the stepping stone towards the setting up of Medine's Smart City, following the government's ambitions to create intelligent cities across the island. 


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