The Medine Master Plan 2005-2025 has been designed to cater for the socio-economic well being of the west coast. This strategic framework, expanding over 20 years, has been carefully elaborated by a dedicated team of experts under the leadership of Maurice Giraud. The team of town-planners, architects and sociologists worked together to produce a comprehensive document covering the development of 3,000 hectares of prime land on the western coast of Mauritius.

The Master Plan is a full-fledged project encompassing the challenging and innovative ambition to create the perfect balance among residential, industrial, commercial, medical and recreational developments. It is regularly updated to include the challenges and opportunities faced during the implementation process. 

Browse the Medine Master Plan - Full document or take a look at the Medine Master Plan - Aerial View

The Medine Master Plan holds key milestones:

  • 2005: Conceptual Master Plan – Maurice Giraud Architect (Mauritius)
  • 2008: Zoning Master Plan – Planning Partners International (South Africa)
  • 2011: Detailed Master Plan – Surbana International Consultants (Singapore)
  • 2012 onwards: Implementation of the Master Plan in 2 major regions, namely; Flic en Flac and Wolmar


The Flic en Flac Master Plan is the essence of the Medine Master Plan, where Medine ambitions to create a harmonious and integrated development along Flic en Flac road, consisting of such various well-thought projects as a regional hospital, private schools, universities, student housing, a sports complex, the Cascavelle Shopping Mall, the Festival Plaza and Green Park (cultural and entertainment), the Clarens Fields Business Park, the Green Creek Residential Estate and a bus terminal. 

Medine has taken a greater part in Education in its strategic thinking of the region. The Flic en Flac campus, developed on 34 hectares of land will host a select few prestigious international schools and universities along with a student housing offering; Student Life Residences, the first of its kind in Mauritius. Flic en Flac also plans to accompany the development of children by developing pre-primary, primary and secondary schools.

Further to the government's vision, and as part of the few earmarked Smart cities of the country, the Flic en Flac Master Plan will encompass various slight twists to accommodate a state-of-the-art Smart City. 


The Wolmar Master Plan is another major component of the Medine Master Plan. Nestled between Flic en Flac and Tamarin, the Wolmar project sets out to be a major cornerstone in this region with the laying out of the first sea frontage designed as an urban coastal village. Apartments, town houses, residential plots, retail outlets, luxury residences, hotels, a beach club and a "Place du Village", surrounded by lush countryside and broad avenues, will be opened to both Mauritians and foreigners.


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