A brand new sports complex developed over 7.5 hectares will spring up from the ground by September 2017 within Medine’s Smart City project. The project will provide exciting new sports facilities, adding to the wide range of components, amenities and projects earmarked within the city in the making. The sports centre’s opening in 2017 will first benefit students of the future Middlesex Mauritius campus, which is settling in the city’s campus zone, and access will further extend to students from schools in the region, namely West Coast primary and secondary, residents and anyone interested in subscribing to and using the complex. The new sports complex will clearly participate in creating a dynamic environment as people converge towards the facility during or after working hours. It will boast the following sports infrastructure:

  • A 50-metre Olympic-size heated swimming pool with 10 lanes, and attached changing rooms
  • 1 x fully fledged Rugby / Soccer lawn pitch
  • 1 x 7 a side lawn pitch
  • A basketball, handball and volleyball court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • 2 soccer-five synthetic turf grounds
  • A clubhouse with restaurant and bar
  • A fitness / gym centre
  • 1 penalty wall feature
  • Changing rooms for team sports (rugby / soccer / basketball…)
  • 1 tennis-ballon ground
  • 1 kids playground
  • Medical consultation rooms
  • All facilities equipped with floodlights

Medine’s sports facility will be the largest of this part of the country and will be positioned to welcome international-level events.


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